Photo Walks and Walking Tours in Kolkata (Calcutta)

Visiting Kolkata ? Have a few hours to spare ?

Take a walk. Kolkata has something and a bit more to offer to everyone. Savour street foods or visit the artisans workshops. Immerse into the seemingly chaotic open bazaars or serene churches. Walk through centuries old cemeteries or modern IT sectors. Browse books at College Street and sip coffee at Coffee House. Ride trams, hand-pulled rickshaws or zip through traffic in auto-rickshaws. Lazily stroll through narrow lanes or observe the activities around a busy mandir. Kolkata promises to be a treat for every senses and surely a delight for experience seekers.

Have a camera ? Love to shoot ?

Kolkata is photographer's delight. If you love street photography or if you are fascinated by architecture, you just cannot give this vibrant city a miss. Take a walk discussing the techy stuff as you capture the various moods and interests that the city slowly reveals.

Popular photo walks and walking tours

Colonial Calcutta

Calcutta had once the distinction of being the second city of the mighty British Empire and the first capital of British india (1773-1911). Tank Square (Lal Dighi) area is said to have the largest concentration of colonial building. Follow Footsteps under the shadows of towering church spires, elegant clock towers and magnificent domes, stopping frequently to admire the intricate stucco works, beautifully curved pillars, colossal windows, decorated gateways and elegant figures of terraced roofs and finally admire the reflection of the vintage pieces on Tank Square.

On weekends and holidays this area is comparatively serene and devoid of the general hustle and bustle associated with Kolkata.

Preferred Timing : Early Morning or Afternoon
Duration : 3 to 4 hrs hrs
Meeting Point : K.C. Das sweet shop, Esplanade

Riverside walk

A walk down the river ghats of Hoogly. Be a witness to riverside daily activities and rituals. Boats, railway tracks, people from varied walks-of-life and temples are sure to keep you enthralled   May include a walk into the artisans workshops if time permits.. Evening walks usually ends with a wonderful aarati (ritual of worship with fire), subjected to occurrence on that evening.

Preferred Timing : Early Morning or Afternoon
Duration : 3 hrs
Meeting Point : Nimtollah Ghat

Flower Market and Ghats

Busy and seemingly chaotic wholesale flower market beside the Hoogly river. Vibrant with activity and colours. View the Hooghly river from a ghat.

This walk can be extended to include the Chitpur walk

Preferred Timing : Early Morning
Duration : 3 hrs
Meeting Point :

Chitpur Road and Nakhoda Masjid

A walk down the Chitpur Road (once a pilgrim street) offers a curious visitor a amalgam of trades and local shops. Heavy traffic with varied modes of commuting and transportation leaves a visitor awestruck and baffled. With age old aristocratic and historical buildings, eateries, publishing houses, jewellery shops, theatres, temples, Nakhoda Masjid and more; Chitpur is a living breathing museum. It has been an integral part of Bengali heritage. The tour may include a tram ride to cover certain areas.

Preferred Timing : Morning
Duration : 3 hrs
Meeting Point :

Calcutta Pet Market Walk

Do you want to spend your Sunday morning exploring the one of largest open air pet market ?
Walk through the crowded Galif Street observing and shooting the multicoloured birds, fishes, ornamental plants, dogs and even guinea pigs and rabbits.
Make your way through the winding lanes of North Calcutta under the shadows of crumbling mansions and past the Bagbazar Circular Rail station to the Maer (Mother's) Ghat, an oasis of peace in the chaotic surrounding.

Sunday mornings : 7:00 am to 9:30 am

The Photography Learners Walk

The best way to learn about your own equipment is in the field. Take a leisurely walk as you are guided to shoot  memorable photos in an easy and fun way. Get started with the basics or hone your knowledge. DSLRs, compacts and mirror-less cameras preferred. Do avoid cell-phone and tabs. Get comfortable with street photography.

Preferred Timing : Early Morning or Afternoon
Duration : 3 hrs
Meeting Point : As per the walk

Kolkata Kaleidoscope

From WWI barracks to Chinese Temples. Open Bazaars, local trades and an melting point of cultures. Early morning walkers can indulge themselves with the famous "Chinese breakfast" (street-side food).

Preferred Timing : Early Morning (6:30 am)
Duration : 3 hrs
Meeting Point : Indian Airlines Building

Kolkata Commutes

Experience riding in various public transport facilities available in Kolkata. Two of our favourites include the tram and hand-pulled rickshaw. Auto rickshaws and crowded public buses provide challenge even to a daily commuter. The old and steady Ambassador yellow taxis are so much part of the city. Ride the Metro railways and river waterways. The routes will take you across various sections of Kolkata. It gives you an opportunity to feel the pulse of Kolkata in a completely unique way.

Preferred Timing : Any time of the day
Duration : 3-4 hrs
Meeting Point :


Born and brought up in Kolkata (Calcutta), Akash Mondal, is a serious photo enthusiast for whom photography has provided means of self-expression and re-discovering. He enjoys revealing the life and energy that defines Kolkata as he re-discovers the city in every photo-walk with the interested.
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